Making summer tasks easier with a Water Pressure Washer

You have seen your neighbors using power pressure washers for their spring cleaning and you like the looks of their homes after their cleaning. But you might be too shy to ask how to choose the right one for home cleaning as you are totally confused by the many models and the weird acronyms like PSI or pounds per square inch of pressure, GPM or gallons per minute of water usage etc, let alone choosing between a direct drive or belt driven machine. Fret not, as here is the key questions and answers you will need in order to make that intelligent and appropriate purchase.

Knowing What To Clean will broadly determine what type of units you will need. If you have home with a large exterior and a lot of concrete and gravel, you will probably need to clean your long driveway, garage, sidings, patios, decks, or even your car rather occasionally. Most of these tasks can be completed satisfactorily with an electric pressure washers or a gas powered unit, depending on how powerful you need your machine to be. For the electric units, choose one with a higher PSI closer to the range of 2,000 and it will serve nearly all your cleaning needs well enough, not to forget getting a longer extension cable for it. This type of machine is most popular with home owners.

Knowing Where To Clean further enhances your choice of the type of units from which to choose from. If you have a summer lodge in the thick of the woods or by the river which does not have reliable AC power source readily available to you, you probably will need diesel or gas powered pressure washers which are portable with tough rollers. Understand that for the tough terrain home exterior cleaning, your machine needs to be more hardy, portable, and easy for rough maneuvers while cleaning the sidings, the pathways, and the tough to reach areas. However, one key point to note is that diesel or gas powered pressure washers can only be used outdoors as the carbon dioxide emission could cause fatal accidents if used in unventilated and enclosed space. That said, gas powered pressure washers are much more powerful ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 PSI.

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Knowing How Often You Clean determines whether to choose a direct drive or belt driven unit for your cleaning. If you are an occasional spring cleaning home user and not a frequent cleaner, you would do fine for a direct drive unit which is less bulky and costly. Do note that direct drive machines have less robust vibration and heat absorbing mechanisms and hence could cause faster wear and tear. Conversely, if you have to do regular weekly household cleaning, you will probably need the belt driven units which might help stretch your dollar further. The belt driven units routes the heat and vibration away from the machine hence reducing wear and tear. And it allows longer operating periods too.

You should now have a much better perspective of how to choose what type of power pressure washers to suit your specific cleaning needs. And if you are still confused as to which to choose, my site provides you with more comprehensive information.

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