Buzz is curious, full of energy and up for any adventure. He adores his big brother Mudge and shadows him nearly 24 hours a day! He is such a great addition to our family and is loved by everyone who meets him!Click for more pictures and comments…

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Dearest Cute Overload Peeps, It’s hard to believe that Cute Overload has chronicled and celebrated over ten years of the most anerable, prosh, sweetest ani-pals and commentary. It’s been over ten years, with hundreds of thousands of comments, millions of page views, thousands of photos,

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Customers around the world made this holiday season the biggest ever for the App Store, setting new records during the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s. In the two weeks ending January 3, customers spent over $1.1 billion on apps and in-app purchases, setting back-to-back weekly records for

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Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for January 21, 2016 is: effete • ih-FEET • adjective 1 : no longer fertile 2 a : having lost character, vitality, or strength b : marked by weakness or decadence c : soft or delicate from or as if from a pampered existence 3 : having feminine

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Next time you read to your baby, pay attention to his babbling and respond. Interaction, not just the sound of words being read from a page, is the key to language development during reading. That’s according to a new study from the University of Iowa that looked at how mothers responded to

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